The Sharer Foundation Scholarship
Cultivating enterprising leaders to prosper in the workforce.

The Situation

You may have your tuition, fees, and books covered, but there’s much more to pay for to get the full university experience.

Not knowing where you’re going to live or where your next meal will come from greatly diminishes your ability to prosper — this is where we help.

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About the Scholarship

The Sharer Foundation Scholarship provides financial and programmatic support to driven community college transfer students in order to lessen barriers of financial burden on their educational experience as they earn their Bachelor’s degree.

With reduced financial pressure, our scholars can pursue their studies with focus and optimism. Alongside a cohort of peers with similar backgrounds, feelings of isolation are replaced with affiliation and belonging, paving the path to successful personal and professional lives in school and after graduation.


Drive Deserves Support

The Sharer Foundation Scholarship is awarded to highly driven students that showcase academic excellence, leadership potential, and who have a goal-oriented career plan that will positively impact society.

  • Community College Transfer Student
  • Entering 4-year university as a Junior
  • Plan to earn Bachelor’s degree within 2 years
  • Resident of CA
  • Financial need
  • Strong GPA
  • Committed to a career plan

Our Mission

We believe in giving back to a country that has given us so much, and that financial burden should not be a barrier to success for students with grit, talent, and leadership potential.

Our mission is to help well-deserving junior transfer students prosper during college and succeed after graduation.

Our Impact

Building a Legacy,
Student by Student


Year Established


Awarded Per Student


Student Recipients to Date

Golsa Gheibi

UC Berkeley

"Without the financial and moral support from this great program, my academic journey at Cal would have been very different. I am grateful to have had a chance to just focus on my studies without having to worry about my expenses, and I truly appreciate the Sharer Foundation."

Maria Hernandez

UC Irvine

"I feel confident, prepared, and supported to become an engineer. I will be the second person in my family to earn a degree, after my older brother who is now a lawyer. This scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies and participate in a competitive NASA program as well as become a lead in the UCI Solar Plane Team."

Steven Wilson

UC Berkeley

"Thank you for establishing this program because it honestly will be what I remember the most from my UC undergrad experience. Even during this time of hardship, I continue to feel a part of a wonderful community that is there for me when I need it."


A network that spans where you are and where you want to be.

Students transferring to University of California Berkeley

Community college graduates who reside in California and have been admitted to UC Berkeley.


Students transferring from Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College graduates who reside in California and have been admitted to any University of California or CA State University.